DJ Course

the life of a
professional DJ
begins right here


DJ Course

the life of a
professional DJ
begins right here


For the first time in Bournemouth there is now a course for DJs of the future. BAMM’s DJ course has been developed in response to industry requirements in order to produce professionals to pursue careers in the rapidly evolving DJ and electronic music industries. Through this programme you will be provided with the opportunity and experience of producing original electronic music for example hip-hop, dubstep, drum & bass, breaks and house music and so on.

You will gain experience in producing original tracks using Logic Pro X and using industry-standard equipment such as CDJs to develop your DJ skills further. You will get experience working in a number of real- world environments including professional venues and hi-spec recording studios. Everything you do will be music industry- related, forging links between academic study, the development of technical skills and the music business itself.

During your studies academic tutors, professional DJs and producers of international esteem will help develop students’ skills in performance, in a wide range of styles and techniques.

Unique Course Units Include

DJ Performance Techniques

In this unit you will learn and refine the skills required by the modern DJ, such as how to source the material played, keep skills up to date and remain contemporary. There will be a focus on the use of DJ software with associated hardware controllers. You will get to know the functions of the equipment at your disposal and demonstrate that you can use those functions to move between tracks. You will craft and perform a full set to a live audience, creatively employing everything you have practised up to that point.


The art of the remix is now firmly established in the musical mainstream. An effective remix can launch the career of a singer or band by capturing new audiences and broaden the career options for a talented DJ. In this unit, you will experiment with unique creative (DAW)-based techniques associated with remixing. The skills learned will enable you to manipulate music in highly technical and innovative ways, and you  will create a portfolio of contrasting remixes and reworks.

Commercial Music Production

Commercial music is a constant in the ever-shifting musical landscape, making it highly desirable for the student of DJ technology to have an understanding of this key area. In this unit, you will develop the technical skills required to produce modern, commercially driven songs, and also explore the creative techniques which help to define the sound of commercial music.

Working As A Production Team

A significant feature of contemporary music is the prominence of projects featuring collaborations between artists, producers, DJs and musicians. In this unit, you will contribute to a music project that creates and develops an original piece of music. As well as making a significant contribution to a piece of music, you will also review the work involved to reflect on your contribution to the successful outcome.






Five GCSEs graded between 4 - 9 (or equivalent) preferred. Audition on instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may be accepted on to the course who do not have the preferred academic requirements and each case will be treated individually.


Up to 420

music performance course entry requirements
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