life as a professional
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life as a professional
musician starts
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The Performance course at BAMM is designed to give the young musician an immersive opportunity to become the professional player that you always wanted to be. Working with experienced industry professionals, you will learn the skills needed to continue on into university studies or even to get out into the industry and start to make your own way.

All disciplines are offered and students will attend a mixture of instrument-specific (study of your specific instrument) and cross-discipline (all instruments) lectures. Expect to play every day and to perform on our Demo Theatre stage every week.

Specialist tutors deliver the lectures and have a wealth of experience from working with artists including Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Van Morrison, Fatboy Slim and many many more.

Course Units

Band Performance

Performing live in front of an audience of any size is a crucial skill for any musician to master, as is the ability to interact with other musicians. Being able to play as part of a group is an essential skill for which teamwork and communication are vital. Over two years you will learn the skills required to rehearse and refine your performances so that you are on the road to becoming a professional performer.

Music Theory

This unit will develop your knowledge and understanding of theory through practical activities. Exploring how rhythm, pitch, tempo and expression are communicated in different forms of notation you will start to learn how to express your musical ideas as a songwriter, producer or arranger.

Professional Practice

Being professional is a given when working in the music industry. Your professionalism builds and maintains your reputation and is what sets you aside from your competition. Behind the glitz and the glamour of the music industry it is run by people who are measured by how professional they are. This unit will raise your level of financial and interpersonal skills to the levels expected of you.

Music Skills Development

In this unit, the primary focus is on the individual development of your specific music skills. Starting with an assessment of your current listening, musical and technical skills, you will create short, medium and long-term plans to develop them. As the course progresses you will be able to monitor your achievements against your initial targets.

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Music In Context

Music is shaped by a range of factors and influences, and each song, performance and recording tells a story, often influenced by art forms, technology and other music. In this unit you will gain an overview of the industry today as well as a historical understanding. You will also develop your knowledge and skills to help you identify music from different genres in context.

Creating A Music Product

Musicians spend a lot of their lives creating new products and it is essential to understand to processes of planning and carrying them out and ensuring that they are fit for purpose and on time. In this unit you will present a proposal for a music product…an album of original material, a book, a music video…it’s your choice.

Critical Listening

In this unit you will develop the skills needed to listen effectively and critically to music. All professional musicians need good ears that can listen to and examine the component parts of music performances. Industry roles such as A&R, songwriters, bloggers, journalists and producers rely on the capability of individuals ears.


In this unit you will examine how songwriters work, using the same basic building blocks across all styles. A good songwriter will be able to produce music responding to a brief while acknowledging the songwriting conventions and skills used to extend, develop and manipulate this art form. You will explore musical material and develop your ideas into a final song.

Music Promotion

The success of music is very much connected to reaching and developing an audience, as well as the process of creating interest in your music products. In this unit, you will study promotion techniques commonly used in the music industry. You will use this knowledge to promote a real music project, taking on appropriate roles and tasks to further develop your skills.

Music Performance Session Styles

Working as a session musician can be one of the most exciting and varied careers available to musicians today. Session musicians can be required to learn parts quickly so technical musical knowledge is critical, as is the ability to play in different situations. In this unit, you will explore a range of genres and styles, investigating their scales, tonality, rhythms, riffs and groove.






Five GCSEs graded between 4 - 9 (or equivalent) preferred. Audition on instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may be accepted on to the course who do not have the preferred academic requirements and each case will be treated individually.


Up to 420

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