A career in
music production
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A career in
music production
starts here


For the young music technician a Production course at BAMM is designed to give an immersive opportunity to learn the skills needed to make a career in this creative and fast evolving area of the industry. Working alongside experienced industry professionals, you will learn the skills needed to continue on into university studies or even to get out into the industry and start to make your own way.

With a real oversight into the various differing roles within music production, you will study specialist units in all areas including studio recording, live music production and the creation of music on workstations using the latest industry software in our Mac-based Technology Suite.

Follow in the footsteps of our previous students who have undertaken real world projects during their time at BAMM, including Lizzy Proctor who had three pieces of her work used by Lionsgate Films in The Hunger Games final movie.

Course Units Include

Live Sound

A good live sound engineer is often the person responsible for providing a successful and enjoyable performance for musicians and audience alike. In this unit, you will learn about the component parts of public address (PA) systems and gain practical experience of using them to mix live sound. You will learn the role of the sound engineer, including choosing equipment, the set-up of live sound systems and the other roles involved in live music production.

Studio Recording Techniques

The process of recording music for industry release has developed extensively since the early days of studio recording. In this unit, you will look at the equipment and processes used to record music in a studio and experiment with microphone choice and placement.

You will plan and make multitrack recordings of different instruments using professional studio equipment.

Music Technology Project

This unit allows you to work to your strengths, making use of the skills and knowledge you have developed throughout the course, to undertake a project based on an area of music technology of your choice. You may decide to carry out a recording or composition project, design the sound for a live event or even create a music technology app. You can undertake this unit individually or collaborate with your fellow students.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Production

The digital audio workstation (DAW) has become the primary tool of much of contemporary modern music. As well as its creative musical possibilities, a DAW can also be used for audio restoration and repair as well as for a wide range of multimedia sound work. In this unit, you will explore how the features of a DAW can be used to create and develop your own music.

Music Technology In Performance

In this unit, you will explore the creative possibilities of music technology, gaining an understanding of its functions, specifications and compatibility with the wider world of music. Music made in this way can be exciting, virtuosic, creative and an integral part of modern live performances. You will consider how it can be employed to create and manipulate live music and how it can be integrated with acoustic instruments.

Music Technology and Musicianship

Professional music technicians are more successful in the studio when they have a practical and theoretical understanding of music or if they are musicians themselves. This unit gives learners the opportunity to develop an understanding of musicianship and become more effective producers. By identifying musical elements used in recordings and exploring musicianship by playing keyboards you will gain an understanding of musical terms and techniques and apply these in practical music projects.






Five GCSEs graded between 4 - 9 (or equivalent) preferred. Audition on instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may be accepted on to the course who do not have the preferred academic requirements and each case will be treated individually.


Up to 420

music performance course entry requirements
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