songwriter Course

The heart of
the music industry


songwriter Course

The heart of
the music industry


The music industry generates over £15 billion to the world economy and is a huge employer internationally. At the very heart of this industry are songs and the songwriters that create them.

If there were no songwriters there would be no music industry. Regardless of whether you are writing for yourself, or an artist or being commissioned to write for TV or film, you will be writing part of the soundtrack to peoples’ lives. Choosing to study Songwriting at BAMM puts you on course to keeping the music industry of tomorrow alive and well.

Find your voice, have your say and make the world a more interesting place... write songs.

Course Units

Some of the units that are unique to BAMM’s songwriting course are listed on this page but you will also study some of the same units as the Music Performance students. By working alongside these students you will meet the musicians who can bring your ideas to life.

Arranging Music

In this unit, you will study style, tempo, texture, timbre and structure. These are all areas that can be altered and developed when arranging music and in doing so create completely different pieces of music while retaining the familiarity of an original idea. You will explore and learn to write arrangements of music for various instruments and voices by experimenting with various musical textures created with different instrumental and voice combinations.

Music For TV and Film

In this unit, you will explore how music and sound are used in a range of moving image projects. You will then take this knowledge and start to create your own music and sound for specified moving image projects. Although composers will be focused on producing film scores and dramatic music, there is also a increasing need in the industry for providing sound for a range of moving image products. You will create from scratch the music, sound and effects to match visual cues and to support moving image projects and commissions.

Contemporary Songwriting Techniques

In this unit, you will study iconic songs and stylistic techniques that songwriters have used to communicate their material. You will explore and develop a variety of skills and practise them, combining lyrics and music effectively in a range of contexts, culminating in the production of an original portfolio of songs. You will study what makes a song commercially successful and how to write in different genres or styles  of music.






Five GCSEs graded between 4 - 9 (or equivalent) preferred. Audition on instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may be accepted on to the course who do not have the preferred academic requirements and each case will be treated individually.


Up to 420

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